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Kurfürstendamm 234 , 10719 Berlin

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About us

As a competence center, CeKEA is committed to a sustainable safety culture in the healthcare sector, especially in the field of dementia.

CeKEA has set itself the goal of focusing on the quality of care and patient safety, especially the care of people with dementia. To train and support medical profession so that they are competent in dealing with dementia, is our main objective. 

CeKEA certified training program combines digital resources and work situations with continuous coaching.

Through CeKEA training, people, who already have a qualification in medical profession, can quickly enter the job market, to meet the diverse needs of health and care facilities

Our Motto:

"Quality of care and patient safety"

Training and coaching offer 

Excerpt from our courses

Course I:

Understand people with dementia: practice and carry out everyday activities 

With the onset of cognitive impairment, people with dementia forget or unlearn about everyday activities. Because of this, people with dementia in the middle to late stages of dementia development need t help in completing these tasks. With the help of our course, you should better understand how you can help people with dementia to perform everyday activities.


Course II:

Understand people with dementia: communication 

One of the biggest challenges in caring for people with dementia is dealing with unusual behavior. However, this task becomes easier if you understand how to communicate with those affected. Dementia-friendly communication channels help to understand the causes of many problematic behaviors of a dementia patient and to find possible solutions.

Course III:

Hygiene - Basic instruction 

In this module you will learn the basics of how pathogens are transmitted and how effective hand disinfection is performed.

Individual coaching

The goal of the individual coaching at CeKEA is above all to support international medical staff in the development of their abilities and the adaptation in Germany. CeKEA coaching helps to identify, systematically document and promote individual competences. 

Our motto: Strengthen individual potential.

In Kooperation mit BWS Germanlingua kümmern wir uns um Ihre Sprachedukation, angenehme Unterkünfte und kulturelle Freizeitaktivitäten.

Within the framework of a cooperation with BWS Germanlingua

we propose language courses, comfortable accommodations and cultural activities.

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